Hum Vietnam invests in and manages a number of highly recognized, trusted brands in Services, including and not limited to Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Provision of natural & healthy Products

About us

Founded by a team with extensive experiences in Services, Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Travel, Hum Vietnam aims to become one of the leading names in Vietnam in these fields. We are diligent with our commitment to quality; we build sustainable working connection with customers and business partners; we continuously strive to empower our team in achieving outstanding results for every project. Hum Vietnam currently invests in and manages a number of highly recognized, trusted brands both in Food & Beverage Services and Provision of natural & healthy products.

Our brands

Hum desires to contribute a more friendly and positive perspective towards vegetarianism. It is our belief that vegetarian food, meticulously created with diverse sources of ingredients from nature, can provide all nutrients we need while remaining interesting and delicious. Upon your visit at Hum, we hope you will appreciate that everyday vegetarianism is not only entirely possible, but also appetizing, creative, and fulfilling.

Giờ mở cửa: 10am - 10pm

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Café & Restaurant
32, Vo Van Tan, W.6, D.3, HCMC
T. (84-28) 3930 3819
Lounge & Restaurant
2, Thi Sach, W.Ben Nghe, D.1, HCMC
T. (84-28) 3823 8920
Garden & Restaurant
32, D10, W.Thao Dien, D.2, HCMC T. (028) 3519 0109
This eatery at first glance is humble, but after just a visit will stand out for its dishes that are graced with unique scents and tastes. They are all simple, honest to their freshness and a unique feel of provinciality. They are served in a contemporary space adorned with delicate melancholy to create a bistro quiet enough for visitors to feel like they are escaping the urban chaos to have a good cozy meal.

Giờ mở cửa: 7am - 10pm

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Spice Bistro - Thi Sach
2, Thi Sach, W.Ben Nghe, D.1, HCMC
T. (84-28) 3914 7278
Spice Bistro - Thao Dien
32, D11, W.Thao Dien, D.2, HCMC
T. (028) 3519 0106
Our story traces back to the natural cultivation from old days. Behind every product from The Bloom is a meticulous process, attentively coordinated from sourcing, production, packaging and distribution so that when the products come to you, they are entirely clean, without preservatives or additives, and their taste is pure and good.

Giờ mở cửa:

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The Bloom Store - Vo Van Tan
32, Vo Van Tan, W.6, D.3, HCMC
T. (84-28) 3930 3819
The Bloom Store - Thi Sach
2, Thi Sach, W.Ben Nghe, D.1, HCMC
T. (84-28) 3823 8920

Our core values

the customers
Hum Vietnam commits to deliver health-centred products of real value, of high and consistent quality via attentive and professional services for the highest customer satisfaction.
business partners
Hum Vietnam takes credibility as the foundation of all businesses, making all collaborations transparent and fair for all stakeholders.
the employees
Hum Vietnam builds and maintains an open working environment that is supportive and interactive to the employees so everyone can mutually share the value of their works and grow along with our company.
the community
Hum Vietnam actively initiates and participates in goodwill projects to contribute sustainable values to the local community and also the larger society.

Join our team

We always look for talented and passionate individuals to join our caring team of innovators. We welcome you to become a member of Hum family, if you see yourself as a person who:

  • is always warm and friendly
  • wants to participate in the production of high quality, valuable Vietnamese products
  • likes to be hospitable to others
  • enjoys working in a cordial, professional service environment
  • would like to contribute and do good for the community

We want to hear from you!