About us

Hum Vietnam

Hum Vietnam is a trusted brand in promoting high quality, health-centred products of natural origin. Our services are highly recommended for our attentiveness and professionalism

Since 2010’s, the market has oriented more and more towards consumer’s health, evident in an increasing need for diverse and compelling culinary experiences. In recognizing that a new market segment with the potential to create positive, sustainable values within the community has formed, Hum Vietnam pioneers a vegetarian cuisine model that differs essentially to traditional vegetarian offers. We borrow a word from the ancient Sanskrit mantra that reads peace comes from within to name our first establishment to embrace our spirit. We want to build good, starting from our very team, taking flight from the name Hum Vegetarian.

Within the first year, thanks to the sensational support from both local and international visitors, Hum Vegetarian has become one of the highly recommended vegetarian venues in the city. Our second restaurant is up and running in the second year to accommodate the tremendous demand for the brand’s signature service.

Understanding that the market for culturally diverse cuisine is still highly potential, we initiate Spice Bistro in parallel. This eatery offers improvised street food and provincial specialties in a garden much inspired by rural tranquility right in the heart of Saigon. In no time Spice Bistro is favoured by many of the commuters from the surrounding office buildings.

Our newest brand is The Bloom – the result of a collaborative project with a local partner that blossoms from our wish to promote local, healthy, community-based products. The Bloom exclusively engages clean materials from Vietnamese agriculture to produce distinctive products of high quality and appealing style.

Hum Vietnam is registered as a legal entity in 2014 to strengthen and expand its brands’ recognition (“Hum Vegetarian” is now a trademark in Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Australia, and the U.S., etc… to name but a few). Our mother company, Long Thanh Investment – Financial Service Corporation, is determined to develop the company profile to become “one of the most trusted brands in Vietnam in investment of finance, real estate, service, hospitality and travel”.


One of the most trusted brands in the investment of finance, service, and hospitality

The leading brand in the provision products and services that are health-centred, natural, with style and unwavering quality

A brand that embraces social responsibilities, contributing to the sustainable values within the community


To make available within the community quality products which make a difference thanks to their natural origin and health benefits, via hospitable, attentive, and professional services to achieve highest customer satisfaction.

To build, and maintain a working environment that is professional, active, community-oriented so that all employees and partners can work together to achieve outstanding values.

To fulfill corporate social responsibilities by means of good-will initiatives in the local community, in so doing also contributes to the larger society.

Social responsibilities

Hum Vietnam understands the importance of community – that which enables growth. This appreciation guides us to first build a working environment that is positive, active and interactive so that our employees and our partners can share the values of their work. From there, our team who acknowledges their contribution to creating valued products and services, take pride in what they do, and actively engage in furthering the value and thus not just grow along, but with the company. Such is a spirit we always want to nurture.

We actively engage in good-will initiatives, utilizing our own revenue, calling for the participation from our very own team, to connect and make changes. A successful business model will benefit many – our employees, their families, their friends; this circle of goodwill in time will reach the less privileged. Hum Vietnam is doing our best to build sustainable value for the community that way. We have been guiding ourselves with the community in mind, and will continue to engage ourselves with this invaluable philosophy in everything we do.