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We pride ourselves in the freshness and originality of our food and drinks. Reputable suppliers and qualified retailers provide us with a variety of fresh vegetables and ingredients. Our experienced and professionally innovative chefs prepare all of their dishes on site, without MSG, in staying true to our eco-friendly and health-centred principles. The rich, delectable flavours and aromas and health benefits of our culinary creations are thus true gifts of nature, made irresistible by Hum team.

Spice Bistro has these delightful dishes. First is the noodles. Then the vermicelli. The banh-mi. Then the rice sets that remind so much of a meal from the old warm days: you have a simple main dish coupled with some green veggies and a bowl of soup, all fresh and delicious, presented on a traditional tray under a banana leaf. Served with rice, it feels just right. The bistro opens all day so there are so many more to enjoy in a cozy sunlit yard. You are in the city center but your heart will flutter with the feelings of green fields.

Anywhere in Vietnam, from low lands rich in alluvium to plateaus of red soil, to forests shouldering limestone mountains, the flora offers precious specialties blooming from the land. They are gifts for those who can appreciate such natural delicacies. The Bloom would like to convey to you this love from the earth.